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eon 'i love dying and being killed' flamewing ([personal profile] eonflamewing) wrote2016-11-05 01:43 pm

for a bean


You're a year older now, a finely aged friend... but we're all young at heart now its ok!!

I don't even remember how we've met?? It was through TCG definitely but wow I'm really glad I got to be friends with you and make Sakura happen! Your presence on my twitter timeline never fails to brighten up my day, whether it's with pretty kpop ladies or screaming over idol hell. Truly, mobage is what brought us together, and whenever I see you post your stuff on twitter it's as if I'm next to you and we're crying together. No matter the ups and downs in life or idol hell, you're still coasting along with fortitude and that's mighty awesome. I FEEL LIKE I DON'T SAY THIS ENOUGH, THAT YOU'RE AMAZINGLY PATIENT AND CREATIVE and your eye for graphic design always impresses me. Keep doing what you do best homie!

I hope you have a good birthday this year, Cass! STAY AWESOME

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